All Types Of Verbal And Nonverbal Communication

Communication is exchanging informations between two or more people. Communication isn’t something only humans do, it is present in animal world as well. From the past, communication is used to signal some change in the environment, like danger, bad weather or something else. Today communication has developed in so many way and that is the reason there are so many types of communication in the world. Basic kinds of communications are verbal and nonverbal. This two communications are main which are divided into more parts. 

This is the list of communications:


Verbal communication is basic form of communication people are using for ages now. Verbal conmmunication consists of excanging information through conversation. When we are talking to someone we suppose he is listening, but he does so much more. He is percepting everything, nonverbal and verbals types of communication.
That is why we must talk to the person, explain them everything like it seems and listen what he has to say. Communication is two ways street.
Verbal communication can be divided in many parts, written and oral, fromal and informal.

1. Oral communication

verbal communicationIn oral communication we are talkin to each other and words are main mode of communication.  We can talk to another person eye-to-eye, through telephone, video, TV, radio, internet, anything whith what we can use our voice. In oral communication often are used paralinguistics, type of nonverbal communication. When you are talking with someone in person, you can read their facial expressions and body language and assume what is their attitude to your story, does it makes him sad, happy, nerouvs….

But on the other hand, when you are talking to someone, you can’t say stop let me think about it. You are thinking and saying things that are on your mind, even when they don’t seem the best solution. I assume you all had situation like that? You say something, then later you remembered things you should have said instead. 

Oral communication is something we use every day, with many people on different places. In store, at home, at work so it is a routine for all of us.

2. Written communication

writingcommunicationWritten communication has become very common type of communication, especially on internet and social networks. You can communicate with someone by letter, e-mail, SMS, report, memo, social networks and so on. Written communication is used the most in bussines. But, when you are wroking you must represent yourself as a seriour person so gr8 isn’t an option. You have to know the difference between formal and informal communication and when you can use one and when the other communication. 

When you are communicating through messaging, you can clearly say what you want in the way you want the other person understands it. You can write your message all over again before sending it. But, you can’t see facial expression of another person when he is reading your message, so you can’t guess their feelings and attitude towards your story.

3. Formal communication

Formal communication is used in bussines life or with someone you don’t know. It is always the better solution to approach someone you don’t know with respect and proffesionalism than with a joke or like you are great friends, especially when you don’t know how the other person will react. 

Fromal communication is kind of communication that is used in e-mails, memos, reports. It doesn’t matter if you are communicating with one person or a crowd, in written communication use formal way of communicating. 

Fromal way of communicating has some guidelines you can use to make better formal letter or memo. There are some greetings you can always use and you won’t go wrong, just like there are some formals expressions like, ”Looking forward to hearing from you” if you want a reply to your memo, e-mail or report. 

Usually formal letters have a certain appearance and place where you write for example your adress and reciever’s adress. These things are good to explore before starting a formal letter for another person.

4. Informal communication

Every other written communication is informal communication. Infromal communication consists of texting, chatting, comenting and it is usually on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. When you are chatting with people you know, is it your family, friends, girlfriend or boyfriend, you are using infromal type of communication. Today, informal communication is so advanced in social networks, there are different signs and we can easily say language, used for communicating. Sorry isn’t sorry anymore it is sry, same as please – pls, great – gr8 and so on.


gestureEven though we are used to communicate with oter persons verbally, nonverbal communication is also very important. In nonverbal communication, people are judging you by your appearance, facial expression, attitude and actully everyting you do will leave a mark. Nonverbal communication is considered to be trully a revealer who we are. You can practice a speech and say it perfectly, but your hands might shake which will show others that you are nervous.

Nonverbal communications is type of communication that is hard to hide. If you hear something suprising, your eyebrows will lift and your mouth will open out of shock. 

Of course you can control your nonverbal communication, but you’ll need more exercise than with verbal communication. Things we do when we are reacting to something are in the first place uncontrolled. Due to that nonverbal communication is important part of reading people, even more important than verbal. People are depending on their first impression, so we must give them the best first impression we can.

Nonverbal communication consists of different types of communication. We are here talking about facial expressions, behaviour, body language and many more.

1. Facial expression

Face is the first thing you are percepting when you are meeting someone. The best way to meet someone and leave a good impression is very simple. Smile. We have broad facial expressions, you can tell if someone is happy, sad, angry, bored, sleepy and all that just to look in their face. You don’t need to speak someoe’s language to know that something isn’t right. It is enought to look at its face and se a smile or a frown. After all, the only 100% universal sign for all people in the world isn’t nothing more than a smile

2. Eyes

Old proverb says: ”The eyes are the window to your soul.”If you look someone in the eyes, you can see what are they like. For example, wrinkles around their eyes tell you that they are natural happy person, they love to smile. If they have wriknles between their eyebrows, they are not so happy, usually they frown. 

You can also see if someone is nervous, lying, upset and so many more. The direction where someone looks can say if he is confident or not. The amount of blinking can say if someone is upset and nervous or not. One can learn so many about the others just by looking.

3. Gestures

Businessman HandsGesture is a movement of your part of a body, like hand or head to express some idea. It is used to express feeling towards situation you are talking about. Most common gestures are waving, pointing or for example showing the size of that you are talking about. Some people use gestures more than another, which rises with their emotions. 

There are also negative gestures, that is better to avoid that use, like middle finger or any kind of action that can offend someone. This negative gestures are often used in affect and won’t be used by a calm person.

4. Paralinguistics

Paraliguistics  is closely related to verbal communication. It refers to vocal communication, but separated from language. Meaning, it is everything that you say, but aren’t really words. This includes tone of your voice, loudness, pitch… If you want to leave an impression like you are confident person talk calmly and loud enough. Don’t shout, but don’t speak so quiet nobody can hear you. Also, remember your parents. When you did something bad when you were little, they talk to you with their serious voice. The situation seemed more serious than it was, due to their voice tone. 

5. Body language and posture

Part of nonverbal communication are also body lanuguage and posture. Body language is something people forget that it exists, meaning they aren’t even thinking about it. But, there are signs that are telling us Welcome! or Leave! Without one word spoken. If you want to make a good impression, don’t cross your hands while talking to someone. It will make them feel unwanted and that you are uninterested. This works when you are on a job interview and when you are on a date.  So, if you are talking to someone you want to impress, no atter if it is your boss or the person you love, don’t cross your hands because it can push them away.

6. Proxemics

When you are talking to someone, don’t be too close. Nobody likes persons who are inches away from their face, unless is thier loved one. Remaining a distance between two peole while talking is very important. People love their personal space and they don’t feel comfortable when someone who they don’t know is invading that space.

There is actually a recomnended distance while having a conversation. For example when you are talking to one person, distance between your feet should be about 40 cm, almost 0,5 meters. When you are talking to a crowd, recomended distance is about 3 metres.

7. Haptics

hapticsHaptics is actually any form of nonverbal communication that consists of touching. Evey conversations starts with a touch – a handshake. A handshake mustn’t be to hard, you don’t want to break the other person’s arm, but it mustn’t be to solft, you’ll seem as a weak person. A firm handshake is great way of showing that you have confident and that you are a strong person.

Another examples of this nonverbal types of communication are: high five, tap on the back, grip on the shoulder, hug….

Some things you will use with people you know and love, like hug and high five, others you can use in bussiness life, like handshake, tap on the back…

8. Appearance

Our stlye can say a lot to other people, not usually good things. If you have unique style people may be rejected by it. It can happen that it is too much for them . Due to that there are some bonudaries between your personal free time and your bussines time. When you are at home, free, you can dress as you like it, whatever feels comfortable. But when you are working, your clothes can speak louder than you, why you must dress proffesional. To people who don’t know you, their first impression will tell them to trust you or not, to make a bussines with you or not. It is impornat to awlays look neat, clean and proffesional at work.